"To learn without thinking is confusing, to think without learning is dangerous."



6th Edition – Fuse and conciliate with Taijiquan in harmony

The VI International Online Workshop, led by Master Chen Peishan, took place on October 29th.

This workshop was organized by ISCT in collaboration with the Japanese Chen Family Taijiquan Association.

Many students from Japan, China, and Europe connected to follow the insightful theoretical lesson on the transition from Wuji to Taiji, on the connection between earth, heaven and the human being,  and on how to manage the mental work in Taijiquan practice.

Following that, in order to apply the theory to practice, there was a practical session on selected movements from the Yilu and Sizheng Taijiquan sequences, and the Master answered some questions posed by the students.

Once again, we express our gratitude to Master Chen Peishan for his immense generosity and expertise in sharing his valuable knowledge with everyone. On our part, we can only commit ourselves diligently to practice until, as Chen Xin said, ‘through practice, suddenly everything will become clear!

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