About our association:

A Brief Introduction to
the international society
of chen taijiquan

The objectives of the Society are twofold:

First to develop an international community of people who enjoy the peace and harmony of practicing Taijiquan, and second to promote the practice, research and development of traditional Chen Taijiquan. Through health-promoting activities open to the public ISCT helps people around the world to discover the ancient art of Taijiquan as practiced traditionally by members of the Chen family and strives to preserve this family treasure for many generations to come.

ISCT formally came into existence at its first international conference in Paris France in May of 2001. The founders of ISCT are Chen Peishan and his sister Chen Peiju, 20th generation of Chen family. They are the current generation masters of the “Small Frame” lineage within the Chen family. ISCT sponsors Taijiquan events such as international conferences, workshops, and demonstrations. Chen Peishan and Chen Peiju make great effort to travel and teach throughout the world. People who attend their events are always impressed by their mastery in this ancient art. ISCT teachers have worked diligently to understand the principles and practice of traditional Taijiquan. People become members in ISCT wherever there is an ISCT teacher. Local membership entitles you to participate in events at reduced cost, and to receive the ISCT newsletter.

One of the main hopes of ISCT is that when members play Taijiquan and experience improved mental and physical health in a non-competitive group setting that we are actually contributing to global peace.

Frequently Asked questions

It is a Chinese martial art based on the laws and principles that rule the interaction and alternation of Yin and Yang. It was created by Chen Wangting, 9th generation of the Chen family, in the early 1600s.

The most famous Taijiquan styles are (besides the Chen style): Yang, Wu (Yuxiang), Wu (Quanyou) and Sun styles.
Nowadays the Chen style is divided into Xiaojia (Small frame), which is the original Chen style, and Dajia (Big frame) derived from Xiaojia. The Dajia, in turn, is divided into Laojia (Old frame) and Xinjia (New frame)

In our classes we study:
– Basic techniques (Jiben gong).
– Sizheng Taijiquan sequence.
– Yilu Taijiquan sequence.
– Huobu step method (Active step).
– Sequences with weapons, such as the Sizheng Taijijian Form and the Traditional Chen Style Sword Form.
– Tuishou.
– The history and theory on Taijiquan and Chinese culture.

Each country has one or more ISCT practice groups, in whcih there are many schools. You are welcom to enjoin your study in the schools. These groups organize international seminars where you can study with the leaders of our school, Masters Chen Peishan and Chen Peiju.

Please find a school from the list below:
Our Schools – International Society of Chen Taijiquan (chen-taijiquan.org)

Yes you can. We do not prevent members of one group from practicing with another group as well.

You can consult the list of classes. Or, if you have a group of people and plan to have a class, you can ask us to send you an instructor. Contact us.

Most of our members started practicing as a beginner. Furthermore, there is no age limit to start with.

What we practice is Traditional Taijiquan. In the course of its learning you proceed step by step, with movements that are initially performed slowly. Thus, over the years, understood the meaning of each movement, Taijiquan can be learned as a martial art. Practicing Taijiquan, however, can make you stronger and healthier in both mind and body.