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Celebrating 15 Years of Taiji & Qi Gong Luxembourg

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Taiji & Qi Gong Luxembourg, a special “Porte Ouverte” (Open Lesson) event was held in Reckange-Mess. This celebration provided a unique opportunity for visitors to witness the depth and beauty of Chinese martial arts and to participate in introductory sessions.

The event featured an impressive lineup of demonstrations, showcasing various hand and weapon forms: Sizheng TaijiQuan, TaijiJian (sword), TaijiDao (broadsword), Xiaojia Jian (small frame sword), Yilu (first form), Tuishou (pushing hands), and the Chunqiu DaDao (spring and autumn halberd).

In addition to the demonstrations, visitors had the chance to immerse themselves in the practice through an introductory workshop focused on Chen Xiaojia Taijiquan. This session was designed to familiarize newcomers with the basics of this flowing martial art, providing a hands-on experience of its fundamental techniques.

The day concluded with a small celebration, where participants and visitors alike gathered for a convivial meal. This final gathering was a fitting end to a day filled with learning, practice and demonstration.

The 15th-anniversary event not only celebrated the past achievements of Taiji & Qi Gong Luxembourg but also inspired new interest and appreciation for the practice of Taijiquan and Qi Gong in the local community.

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