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ISCT Online Taiji Culture Festival

An ISCT initiative brought, recently, together its members — the U.S.A., Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, France, China and Japan — in a creative effort that transcended boundaries and unveiled the beauty of cultural diversity and shared practices. The outcome was a collection of 5-7 short films, each offering a glimpse into the culture and the history of each country beside the ancient art of Taijiquan.

Amidst the presentations, China contribution emerged as a testament to the country’s rich heritage and culinary wonders. The film drove the viewers in the enchanting Hainan province, where scenes unfolded with aromatic dishes and joyous faces relishing the delights of Chinese cuisine

As the films unfolded, viewers embarked on a global expedition, traversing continents and delving into each participating country’s culture and history. From the United States to Germany, from Italy to Luxembourg, from France to Japan, the short films acted as cultural ambassadors.

The films seamlessly transitioned to showcase the practice of Taijiquan. The screen pulsated with the fluidity of people, young and old, harmoniously performing Taijiquan.

The foundation of this collaborative project was witnessing the universality of Taijiquan, as practitioners from different corners of the globe showcased a common language through movements. The comparison of diverse cultural backgrounds with the shared practice of Taijiquan served as a powerful metaphor for interconnected people, underscoring that beyond differences, common threads bind together.

This collective effort not only celebrated the richness of global diversity but also emphasized the importance of cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. Through the lens of these short films, audiences glimpsed into the collective heritage of humankind, reinforcing the notion that, despite geographical distances, we are all integral parts of a global community.

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