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The Taijiquan originated from the Chen family living in Chenjiagou village in Wenxian County, China, it is spreading over the world and makes a fantastic bridge for international communities. It was Chen Bo, the first generation of the Chen family, who initiated the theory and methodology of the martial arts, and Chen Wangting, the 9th generation, who created the basic forms of Chen-Family Taijiquan…

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The traditional Taijiquan is well known as one of the traditional Chinese martial arts. Its movements, fighting techniques, and basic theories are based on Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang-Taiji and traditional Chinese medicine of Jingluo. In such a context, the Taijiquan is a philosophy expressed with body movements and its aesthetic theories, which carry a delightful culture and marvelous methodology of body movements…

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In order to spread, study, research and develop the
Chen Family Taijiquan, we have been sponsoring
and promoting events and activities on Taijiquan
such as international conferences, workshops, and

"A Taijiquan player should be kind like water, piety like a mountain, to work with your nature without competing."

Chen Peishan

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