ISCT has many associates and schools around the world. Our schools are the reference point for anyone who wants to learn the practical, philosophical and historical bases of the Chen Taijiquan discipline. Each school promotes training courses, lessons and events in its country to get deeper and deeper into this discipline and this culture. Find out more about our schools in Asia, Europe and United States.


Japan Chen Family Taijiquan Association (JCTA)

City. AreaClassroomsCity. AreaClassrooms
Shibuya陳氏太極拳同好会 渋谷教室 Chen Taijiquan Shibuya ClassItabashi陳氏太極拳 成増教室 Chen Taijiquan Narimasu Class
Koganei小金井教室 Koganei ClassKokubunji陳氏太極拳 国分寺ひかり教室 Chen Taijiquan Kokubunji Hikari Class
Higashi Yamato陳氏太極拳 東大和教室 Chen Taijiquan Higashi-Yamato ClassMachida陳氏太極拳 本町田教室 Chen Taijiquan Hon Machida Class
Higashi Yamato大志の会 Circle TaishiHigashi Murayama陳氏太極拳 東村山同好会 Chen Taijiquan Higashi Murayama Club
Nerima ward陳氏太極拳 東大泉教室 Chen Taijiquan Higashi-Ooizumi ClassNishi Tokyo田無教室 Tanashi Class
Kodaira小平教室 Kodaira ClassHigashi Murayama東村山DAY教室 Higashi Murayama DAY Class
Fuchuu府中市陳氏太極拳同好会 Huchu Chen Taijiquan clubKiyose清瀬教室 Kiyose Class
Minato青山教室 Aoyama ClassHigashi Murayama陳氏太極拳 秋津秋山会 Chen Taijiquan Akitsu Akiyama Club
Higashi Yamato陳氏太極拳 多摩湖教室 Chen Taijiquan Tamako ClassHigashi Murayama太極拳健美会 Taiji Kenbi Club
Shinjuku陳氏太極拳 四谷 Chen Taijiquan Yotsuya ClassHigashi Murayama陳氏太極拳 小西教室 Chen Taijiquan Konishi Class
Akishima陳氏太極拳 昭島教室 Chen Taijiquan Akiashima ClassHigashi Murayama東村山ハイビスカス教室 Higasi Murayama Hibiscus Class
Shinjuku陳氏 Taiji Club Chen Taijiquan Taiji ClubTokorozawa絲弦会 Shigen Club
Koganei黄金井クラブ Koganei ClubHigashi Murayama萌の会 Mo-e Club
Kokubunji国分寺太極会 「万葉」 Kokubunji Taiji club "Mannyou"Higashi Murayama諏訪の会 Suwa Club
Nakano陳氏太極拳白鷺教室 小架村塾 Chen Taijiquan Shirasagi Xiaojia ClassHigashi Murayama陳氏太極拳 北山教室 Chen Taijiquan Kitayama Class
Tokorozawa陳氏太極拳 所沢同好会 Chen Taijiquan Tokorozawa ClubSayamaサークル和(カズ) Circle Kazu
Sayama水野太極拳同好会 Mizuno Taiji ClubTokorozawaサークル鳳(フォン) Circle Fong
Tokorozawa陳氏太極拳 新所沢教室 Chen Taijiquan Shin-Tokorozawa ClassKawagoe鳳の会 Ootori Club
Sayama入間川太極拳同好会 Irumagawa Taiji CllubKawagoe陳氏太極拳 川越同好会 Chen Taijiquan Kawagoe Club
Tokorozawa陳氏太極拳 いずみ会 Chen Taijiquan Izumi ClubKawaguchi陳氏太極拳同好会 川口 Chen Taijiquan Kawaguchi
Tokorozawa陳氏太極拳 並木教室 Chen Taijiquan Namiki ClassKawagoeファンソンクラブ Fang Song Club
Tokorozawa陳氏太極拳 美原教室 Chen Taijiquan Mihara ClassKawagoe川越さわやか北クラブ Kawagoe Sawayaka Kita Club
Sayamaフラワーヒル教室 Flower Hill ClassSaitamaさいたま宮原教室 Saitama Miyahara Class
Tokorozawa陳氏太極拳 さくら会 Chen Taijiquan Sakura ClubKawagoe陳氏太極拳 さわやかクラブ Chen Taijiquan Sawayaka Club
Tokorozawaタイキョク サンデー Taikyoku SandeSaitamaさいたま鍛冶教室 Saitama Kaji Class
Tokorozawaときわ会     Tokiwa ClubKawagoe陳氏太極拳 小江戸国際友好会 Chen Taijiquan Koedo int'l Club
Sayama陳氏太極拳 山王クラブ Chen Taijiquan Sannou ClubHidaka高萩太極拳クラブ Takahagi Taijiquan Club
Tokorozawa松井愛好会 Matsui ClubKawagoe美龍の会 Biryuu Club
Tokorozawa陳氏太極拳 東所沢クラブ Chen Taijiquan Higashi Tokorozawa ClubKawagoe月吉同好会 Tsukiyoshi Club
Tokorozawa陳氏太極拳 八重の会 Chen Taijiquan Yae ClubKawagoe陳氏太極拳 川越白楽会 Chen Taijiquan Kawagoe Hakuraku Club
Tokorozawa太極拳サークル輪(わ) Circle Taijiquan WaSakado柳風会 Ryuhu Club
Tokorozawa陳氏太極拳柳瀬クラブ Chen Taijiquan Yanase ClubKawagoe紫苑 Shienn
Tokorozawa中富南太極拳クラブ Nakatomi Minami Taijiquan ClubKawagoe花鳳の会 Kaou Club
Kashiwa陳氏太極拳同好会 東葛教室 Chen Taijiquan Toukatsu ClassHachinohe八戸陳氏太極拳研究会 Hachinohe Chen Taijiquan Club
Kashiwa陳氏太極拳 柏教室 Chen Taijiquan Kashiwa ClubAomori陳氏太極拳 青森教室 Chen Taijiquan Aomori Class
Abiko陳氏太極拳 我孫子教室 Chen Taijiquan Abiko ClassHachinohe伝統太極拳同好会 Traditional Taijiquan Club
Abiko我孫子第二クラス「凛」 Abiko 2nd Class "Rin"Hachinoheはちえきinキャンパス八日町 Hachieki in Campus Youka machi
Matsudo松戸教室 Matsudo ClassHachinohe八戸陳氏伝統太極拳 Hachinohe Traditional Chen Taijiquan
Yokohama陳氏太極拳協会 横浜教室 Chen Taijiquan Yokohama ClassHachinohe陳氏太極拳みちのく同好会 Chen Taijiquan Michinoku Club
Takasaki陳氏太極拳協会 高津 Chen Taijiquan Takatsu ClassHachinohe伝統太極拳愛好会 Traditional Taijiquan Club
Yokohama陳氏太極拳協会 横浜第三教室 Chen Taijiquan Yokohama 3rd ClassSendai陳氏伝統太極拳宮城 Chen Traditional Taijiquan Miyagi
Yokohama陳氏太極拳協会 横浜南教室 Chen Taijiquan Yokohama South ClassMarugame香川坂出教室 Kagawa Sakaide Class
Shibukawa陳氏太極拳同好会 渋川 Chen Taijiquan Club ShibukawaTokushima徳島教室 Tokushima Class
Matsumoto長野陳氏太極拳同好会 松本教室 Nagano Chen Taijiquan Club Matsmoto ClassHukuoka博多第一教室 Hakata 1st Class
Takasaki陳氏太極拳同好会 たかさき Chen Taijiquan Cllub Takasaki ClassHukuoka博多第二教室 Hakata 2nd Class
Sapporo札幌太極拳学習会 Sapporo Chen Taijiquan ClassNishisonogi-gun長崎教室 Nagasaki Class
Hakodate函館太極拳研究会 Hakodate Chen TaijiquanHukuoka福岡第一教室 Fukuoka 1st Class
Muroran室蘭太極拳・武ring Muroran Chen Taijiquan Bu-ringHukuokaアイ&カルチャ天神教室 Ai & Culture Tenjin Class
Noboribetsu登別陳氏太極拳同好会 Noboribetsu Chen TaijiquanOonogi (Fukuoka)まどか太極拳クラブ Madoka Taijiquan Club
Kameda-gun七飯町太極拳サークル Nanaii-machi Chen Taijiquan CircleKita-kyushu陳氏太極拳北九州練功会 Chen Taijiquan Kita-Kyushuu Club
Muroran陳氏太極拳研究会・室蘭 Chen Taijiquan Club・MuroranHukuokaRYUの会  RYU Club
Noboribetsu 登別田村教室 Noboribetsu Tamura ClassNishisonogi-gun陳氏福来(フーライ) Chen Taijiquan Fu-Rai
Sapporo四正太極拳練習会 Sizheng Taijiquan ClubOonogi健やか太極拳 Sukoyaka Taijiquan


Henan - Zhengzhou

Chenxin Taijiquan Research and Training Institute of Chenjiagou
Directors: Bao Jingqian
Phone: +86 371 8668 0109

Liu Zhengkai
Phone +86 132 5360 5370

yunnan - kunming

Chenxin Taijiquan Research and Training Institute of Chenjiagou
Directors: Zhang Rui
Phone: +86 135 1873 8898

Wei Huidi
Phone: + 86 132 7877 9619

Sichuan - shifang

Chenxin Taijiquan Research and Training Institute of Chenjiagou
Directors: Leng Zhongxiu
Phone: + 86 135 0800 0096


Hongkong ISCT-Group Chen Shi Xiao Jia Tai Ji Quan International Friendship Association (陳氏小架太極拳國際友好會)
Wong Kwai On



Villejuif, Vichy , Antony, Le Kremlin Bicêtre, Paris, Angoulême.

+33 (0) 170255076


The Pagoda (die Pagode) was founded in 1995 in Friedrichshafen and is a pioneer school of Chen Clan Taijiquan in Germany. In addition to regular weekly classes, it organizes seminars and training courses in German-speaking countries. Since the founding of the ISCT (International Society of Chen Taijiquan) in 2001, it has represented the interests of the ISCT in German-speaking countries. In 2015, this task was then taken over by the GCT e.V. (Gesellschaft zur Erforschung und Praxis des Kleinen Rahmen Chen Clan Taijiquan) an organization for research and practice of the small frame Chen Clan Taijiquan.

Phone: 07541-31235
Map of Taijiquan Chen Xiaojia schools in Germany


Italy Chen Xiaojia (ICXJ) represents the International Society of Chen Taijiquan (ISCT) in Italy, and it counts about 300 members.
ICXJ organizes courses and seminars to train its members and promotes Chen Xiaojia through the organization and participation of cultural events and public performances. The association was founded in 2013 by its leader, Master Carmela Filosa, VI Duan in Wushu and ISCT Vice-President.
Since 1994, Master Carmela Filosa has been trained in China, where she usually spends her summer, directly by Master Chen Peiju.

The ICXJ has various classes distributed throughout the national territory. Each class is led by a Technical Teacher who has followed a rigorous training course. Practice groups are present in 11 Italian regions out of 20: 


Cell Phone: +39-339-2282080
Map of Taijiquan Chen Xiaojia schools in Italy

Luxembourg :

Our Taijiquan & Qi Gong club was founded in 1999.
We have been practising Chen Taijiquan Xiaojia (Small Frame) since 2009.
We offer Taijiquan and Qi Gong courses, Private lessons and workshops in Luxembourg to promote the traditional Chinese movement arts.
Furthermore, we offer company courses and workshops that are also used by various companies.
The aim of the club is to teach and communicate traditional Taijiquan with all its martial and health principles and the philosophy behind it.

Old nursery school
83, rue Lean-Pierre Hilger
L-4980 Reckange-Mess

Judo & Ju Jitsu Club Dudelangr (Ecole Gaffelt)
66, rue Gaffelt
L-3480 Dudelange

Park area of the Coque (from 01 May – 14 September)
Rue Léon Hengen
L-1745 Luxemburg-Kirchberg

Centre de Kinesithérapie Bernimont (from 15 September – 30 April)
10, rue Leon Thyes
L-2636 Luxemburg-Kirchberg

Club Eist Heem
54, rue Oscar Romero
L-3321 Berchem

Aal Schoul
33A, Grand Rue
L-8372 Hobscheid



Phone: (+352) 621 49 66 50


Guadix, Valencia


Czech Republic:


united states

Princeton, New Jersey

At the Wuwei Tai Chi School, we emphasize that Tai Chi is a martial art and philosophy as well as a health exercise. In the United States, this comprehensive approach is especially needed, as many people associate Tai Chi only as a health exercise. We also use scientific knowledge to help us understand traditional teachings so that the benefits of Tai Chi, primarily the Xiaojia Chen Taiji, can be more accessible as a unifying discipline of martial art, philosophy, meditation, health/healing exercise, and everyday-life methods.

Wuwei Tai Chi School

Contact: Wonchull Park


Health-both physically and mentally- is an essential factor in our life. Practicing Taijiquan is one of the best methods to prevent disease (養生) and heal our body in the context of traditional eastern medicine. For example, Chán sī(纏絲) activates our body through the flow of meridians originated from yin and yang and could be more effective than acupuncture or moxibustion treatment when we practice daily. It is even better when we practice in a space with good air.

You will also learn a way to heal your mind while observing your body. Practicing Taijiquan also makes you equipped with extreme sensitivity about your body and mind and minimizes lapses in everyday life.

Anybody, whether you are young or old, can practice Taijiquan. With Chen Shi Taijiquan Xiaojia-Korea, you will be introduced to the basic training and will achieve excellence in Taijiquan practice.

1. Team Name: Chen Shi Taijiquan Xiaojia-Korea

2. Place

• Headquarter: Seoul
◦ 424, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Olympic Park)
◦ 15, Yangsan-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Songpagu Sports & Culture Center)
• Other places
◦ Pusan
◦ Hoengseong, Gangwon-do
◦ Hamyang, Gyeongsangnam-do

3. Contact us: