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The International Taijiquan Culture Festival in Italy

Welcome to the 7th ISCT Taijiquan Culture Festival, the international event dedicated to the culture of Taijiquan.

The Festival, hosted by Italy Chen Xiaojia, co-sponsored by The International Society of Chen Taijiquan (ISCT), is scheduled to take place in Naples from April 25 to April 28, 2024.

The program includes three days of practice on Sizheng forms, Yilu form, traditional sword form and Tuishou. The third day will be entirely dedicated to the study of the Sizheng Broadsword form (Sizheng Taijidao).

All the activities will be lead by Master Chen Peishan in collaboration with Masters Chen Shaohua and Chen Shaokang.

A conference is scheduled on the morning of the fourth day, while the afternoon will be dedicated to performances by Masters and participant groups from different schools. A concluding gala evening will follow.

You are invited to participate in this extraordinary celebration of Taijiquan, sharing knowledge and creating connections in a stimulating and culturally rich environment.

For detailed information, please visit the Italy Chen Xiaojia website section dedicated to the event and available at the following link:


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