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Annual Taijiquan tournament in Japan

The annual Taijiquan event in Japan proved to be a spectacular success, showcasing the skill and dedication of practitioners from various age groups. This year, the individual performance section, categorized by age, saw remarkable achievements from our members, who secured prestigious awards for their outstanding demonstrations.

In the competitive individual performance category, Mr. Shinobu Kita emerged victorious, earning the first-place medal. His performance stood out, demonstrating exceptional technique and grace. Similarly, Ms. Ayako Hirai, who performed with the Jian (a traditional Chinese straight sword), also secured the first-place medal.

A notable highlight of the event was Master Shigetsugu Yoshida, a Taijiquan master at the age of 93. Master Yoshida’s third-place finish marked a commendable follow-up to his previous year’s success, exemplifying his enduring skill and commitment to the art of Taijiquan. Additionally, Mr. Osamu Todate and Mr. Shogo Senba each earned third-place medals.

The group performance section of the event was equally spectacular. Two groups from our team delivered performances, each earning resounding applause from the audience. One group, consisting of 75 members, performed the Yilu routine with great synchronicity and fluidity. The second group, comprising 99 members, executed a performance of Shizheng Quan/Jian, showcasing their collective discipline and harmony.

The event was a testament to the dedication and skill of Taijiquan practitioners, highlighting the beauty and strength of this traditional martial art.

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