Let’s Practice Chen-Family Taijiquan – III Edition

“Unite our hearts and overcome the Covid-19” Due to the Influence of the Covid-19, our activities are restricted. Under this situation, Master Chen Peishan has held more than a dozen online workshops. This is the third International workshop with the theme “Let’s Practice Chen-Family Taijiquan Beyond the Borders”. This is a great way to deepen […]

Sizheng Taijiquan

The term Sizheng is given after traditional Chinese philosophy concerned with Taiji, Yinyang, and Bagua, the fundamental theory of Taijiquan. The Taiji represents the two opposing elements, namely Yin and Yang, which are interacting and fusing with each other, producing two normal elements called Liangyi (兩儀). Consequently, Liangyi produces four main elements (four pillars), namely […]

ISCT Schools

ISCT has many associates and schools around the world. Our schools are the reference point for anyone who wants to learn the practical, philosophical and historical bases of the Chen Taijiquan discipline. Each school promotes training courses, lessons and events in its country to get deeper and deeper into this discipline and this culture. Find […]

Masters’ Message

Dear Friends,I would like to thank you for visiting our website! The traditional Taijiquan is well known as one of the traditional Chinese martial arts. Its movements, fighting techniques, and basic theories are based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang-Taiji and traditional Chinese medicine of Jingluo. In such a context, the Taijiquan is a philosophy […]