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“Born in China, it belongs to the whole world”: Qinghua University Forum On Wushu Diffusion

On December 5th 2021 the Forum “Nine interventions on the diffusion of martial arts” was held, sponsored by the Department of Sports of the prestigious Qinghua University in Beijing, the Wushu Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports and the National Martial Arts Research Institute.

The Academic Forum was successfully held in a combination of online and offline, with nine world-renowned experts called to discuss a range of aspects related to the diffusion and communication of Chinese martial arts.
The speakers were: Xu Xianghong, Wu Bin, Qiu Yuxiang, Lu Xiaolin, Chen Wei, Wang Deqing, Feng Hongpeng, Qiao Fengjie and Master Chen Peishan, the only one incidentally being an expert in traditional martial arts.

In his speech, Master Chen Peishan highlighted how “practicing Taijiquan correctly can help cultivate good intentions, nurture goodwill, improve interpersonal relationships and even promote social stability and world peace“, also clarifying that “peaceful exchanges should take place beyond borders, religions, skin color and political systems.

He then illustrated the fundamental role played by our ISCT Association, especially in the last two years, helping people all over the world to overcome the serious pandemic crisis thanks to the remote practice of Taijiquan, through free seminars held by himself in which several hundred people participated.

His speech aroused great interest from the other experts participating in the Forum enjoying considerable success.

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