Chianciano 2024: Italian Association Meeting

On May 31st, June 1st, and 2nd, the annual association meeting took place in Chianciano, involving members from Italy Chen Xiaojia (ICXJ), the Tong Yuan Association, and the European Shaobei Wushu Association. This event served as an important occasion for enthusiasts and experts of these traditional disciplines to gather and practice together. ICXJ participants engaged […]

Celebrating 15 Years of Taiji & Qi Gong Luxembourg

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Taiji & Qi Gong Luxembourg, a special “Porte Ouverte” (Open Lesson) event was held in Reckange-Mess. This celebration provided a unique opportunity for visitors to witness the depth and beauty of Chinese martial arts and to participate in introductory sessions. The event featured an impressive lineup of demonstrations, […]

Annual Taijiquan tournament in Japan

The annual Taijiquan event in Japan proved to be a spectacular success, showcasing the skill and dedication of practitioners from various age groups. This year, the individual performance section, categorized by age, saw remarkable achievements from our members, who secured prestigious awards for their outstanding demonstrations. In the competitive individual performance category, Mr. Shinobu Kita […]