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I would like to thank you for visiting our website!

The traditional Taijiquan is well known as one of the traditional Chinese martial arts. Its movements, fighting techniques, and basic theories are based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang-Taiji and traditional Chinese medicine of Jingluo. In such a context, the Taijiquan is a philosophy expressed with body movements and its aesthetic theories, which carry delightful culture and marvelous methodology of body movements.

Though the Taijiquan originated from the Chen family living in Chenjiagou village in Wenxian County, China, it is spreading over the world and makes a fantastic bridge for international communities. It was Chen Bo, the first generation of the Chen family, who initiated the theory and methodology of the martial arts, and Chen Wangting, the 9th generation, who created the basic forms of Chen-Family Taijiquan. Thanks to the members of the Chen family and masters and instructors who dropped the seeds of this arts onto the world, we can find the Taijiquan propagating wildly and its beautiful flowers blooming over the world year by year. As one member of the Chen family, I am proud to say that the Taijiquan has become one part of the culture of the world, which should belong to people of the world.

In order to spread, study, research, and develop the Chen-Family Taijiquan, we founded the International Society of Chen Taijiquan (ISCT) in 2001 and have been sponsoring and promoting events and activities on Taijiquan such as international conferences, workshops, and demonstrations. In addition, we open this website as a platform for the purpose of communication between ISCT members and people who love the Taijiquan, health and world peace. We are different in colors, we speak different languages, we live in different cultural backgrounds. However, I do hope you may join us, share the happiness of Taijiquan, understand it harmoniously, make our hearts come together warmly beyond borders and races, and realize the health of our body and peace in the world.

Finally, I do hope all of you visit our website often to share the happiness and culture items issued on it.

Chairman of The International Society of Chen Taijiquan
Peishan Chen and Peiju Chen
May 1, 2021

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Masters’ Message

Dear Friends,I would like to thank you for visiting our website! The traditional Taijiquan is well known as one of the traditional Chinese martial arts.

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